Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fun Morning at Monkey Joe's

This morning my daughter and I went to Monkey Joe's with some friends. I hadn't been there before, but knew A would love it. Apparently, we went at a great time--midweek soon after they opened for the day. There were about 10 people there at the beginning; by the time we left (about noon), there were still still only about 25 people.

A and her friend had a blast on the 3 and under bounce houses and slides. Then, because there weren't many people, they also took on the "big kid" options--went down the big slides, bounced in the houses (which are more like obstacle courses). Fun was had by all--and it only cost $5 plus tax (you can stay as long as you want/can stand it! Of course, I was expecting A to take a long nap this afternoon. So far (at 5 p.m.!), no such luck...

What is your favorite play place for your little ones?
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  1. Hi! Just wandered over from MBC- I love all the coupons! :) My LO isn't big enough for a Monkey Joe's yet, but I am excited for when he is! We have one near us and it looks so fun!