Thursday, January 21, 2010

Personalized Books

I remember my grandfather giving me a book that had my name and other info (like hometown, dog's name, etc.) printed throughout the story. I thought it was the coolest thing! Ever since, I've known I wanted my daughter to have such an experience. I plan to get one soon, even though it might be awhile before she fully appreciates the concept.

Here are some personalized book sites to check out:*

  • Find Me Book - include photos of family members, which get hidden amongst a variety of images. 
  • Happy Kids - personal information can be printed in various book themes, such as Sesame Street 
  • Created4Me - the child's name is highlighted "in lights," and each letter has a page devoted to it  
  • Freckle Box - stories with non-character-related (such as Elmo) stories/themes, which include the child's name 
  • Custom Made for Kids - insert your child's favorite people and places, while telling the story of his or her time from birth to present. All put into an illustrated format
  • And of course you could always make a photo book on a photo-sharing site and add your own short story within the caption fields.
*Note: I haven't ordered anything from any of these sites as of yet, so I don't know anything about their quality, etc. (but they look fun!). If you have, let us know your experience.
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  1. these sound great! I used and they had fantastic books - unfortunately I don't think they're still in business so thanks for the suggestions!

    Stopped by from FFF and now following you