Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I Spy Bags from Emmie's Designs: Review and GIVEAWAY!

As I was browsing recently, the I Spy Bags from Emmie's Designs caught my attention. These bags are intended as fun (and even somewhat educational) toys for small children. They include small trinkets, which are hidden within rice and all viewed through a large plastic window. Each bag also includes removable cards with written lists and images of the hidden items. Searching for the items can be entertaining in and of itself, but you could also make it game. For instance, ask, "Where is the pink star?," then your child's search begins!

Emmie was kind enough to send a sample for A to try out. Admittedly, she used it as a bean bag at first, throwing it across the room. But she'll often find it and sit for at least a few minutes while hunting for finds. Preschoolers would have a bit more of an attention span to actually hunt for all of the items. And it seems even babies would enjoy the bags, squishing them and seeing what pops up. The bags are made with very soft, fun fabrics (I was quite amazed at their softness, actually) and seem well stitched so nothing escapes. The only area that might eventually become an issue is where the bag was stitched shut after being filled. However, even in that spot, I think it would take a lot of wear and tear to break through.

Since it's such a fun item, I wanted to give one away, and Emmie was happy to help! The winner will get the opportunity to choose her favorite I Spy Bag design from the Emmie's Designs collection. Be sure to check out the selection--designs for boys, girls and unisex!

CONGRATULATIONS! The winner of the I Spy Bag is Meej (meej1028@)! Be sure to contact me by Thursday at 11 p.m. to claim your prize! 

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