Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Egg Decoration and Play for Easter--Little Monkey-Style

Toddlers and preschoolers can have a blast decorating eggs. And while you can certain go the traditional dyeing route, you might prefer a few less messy options if the kids are going to help. And of course, make sure you hard boil these first. Otherwise, you're in for a MAJOR mess.

Set out a variety of colors of crayons and/or washable markers. You'll want to make sure the eggs aren't wet first; otherwise, the color won't stick. An even "cleaner" option is to put out a pile of stickers or foam stickers (you may need to help them peel to access the adhesive) to stick onto their eggs. Circles, flowers, rabbits or favorite characters will be a hit.

Once you have your beautiful eggs, you can always hide them in the yard (keep it simple to keep their interest). Or, especially with dyed eggs and infants, you can put the eggs back into the carton and help your baby sort them by color. Playing a game of "roll the egg" is another activity to try. Instead of rolling a ball, roll the egg. They're a great size for little hands to grab; plus, the little bit off wobbling action the egg has as it rolls will be entertaining!
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