Thursday, March 4, 2010

Finding Gold the Toddler Way

Get your child in the St. Patrick's Day spirit while helping him learn colors and have fun (and a treat) at the same time. Use chocolate gold coins to represent the pot of gold. Get some rainbow-colored bowls or cups, then set a coin under all or just a few of them (when your child's not looking). Then ask your little leprechaun to pick up or find the blue bowl (or whatever color has a coin beneath). When he chooses the right one, he gets a treat!

If you'd rather not give your child chocolate, you could always use a golden cookie like a vanilla wafer as your coin (or even Cheerios for mini-coins). And of course you could hide the coins under anything, but the rainbow containers play on the theme of a pot of gold under the rainbow.
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  1. That's sounds like a fun game to try out. Thanks for sharing!