Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Homemade Scratch-n-Sniff Paintings -- Plus Learning About Fruits

Remember the water painting I mentioned awhile back? Well, I recently learned you can add a whole new dimension to it! If you mix 1 Tbsp. of Kool-aid in warm water, you can create a "paint" that then turns into a scratch-n-sniff work of art! The kids paint with it (which is obviously no longer clear but whatever color your flavor is), then let it dry for 24 hours. After that, they can scratch and sniff their paintings.

A potentially even better (or at least more educational) idea is to print out coloring sheets of various fruits and have your child paint each their appropriate color and scent! For instance, you could give them a strawberry to paint in the strawberry flavor, an orange with orange, etc. It teaches them about smell and colors.You can find some fruit page to print here (look in the bottom of the left column to additional pages) or here.

And don't discount the fun to be had by your little one when he gets to pour in the tablespoon of mix and then stir it up and watch the water change color!
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