Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fun With a Tin Can, Balls and a Bathtub

Last night my husband and I went to a hockey game with friends, and Little Monkey stayed with my parents. When we picked her up, she had to show us her new game. My mom had put an old, clean, large tin can (a bit larger than a large coffee can, although that would work too) in an empty bathtub. Then she gave A a small basket filled with practice golf balls (basically look like small Wiffle balls). Oh the fun that was had trying to throw the balls into the can! Of course, you could certainly set this up anywhere, but there was something about the "tinking" sound of the balls hitting the bathtub that was extra entertaining. Plus, it helped contain them when they bounced around. And while any balls could be used, these don't bounce too much and are light so that they don't damage anything.

Just reminds us all to remember that the most fun can be had with the simplest things!
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  1. I love it when my kids find love in the small things. One summer when Monkey was a year I took him to my BF's volleyball tournament and forgot his toys for some reason. So what did we do? Gathered up the empty plastic beer bottles, had the bar that was sponsoring the tournament wash them for us, then we put different size pebbles inside them. Viola! Rattles. I know people looked at me weird but he was in 7th heaven and couldn't have cared less.