Friday, February 5, 2010

Water Painting - No Aquadoodle Needed

If your child likes to scribble with paint or crayons but you're not fond of the potential mess, go the water-painting route. You don't even need an Aquadoodle (although those are fun too--especially due to their large size). Just get out some construction paper (darker pages work best), and hand your child a wet paintbrush. Let her scribble to her heart's content! The paper will get darker wherever it's "painted." When it dries, you can reuse that same piece.

If you have an Aquadoodle pen at home, you can take it and a piece of construction paper with you to entertain the little one at restaurants or anywhere you might have to wait.
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  1. I'm following back from FF!!! I have never tried that idea. You're a smart cookie!

  2. Oooooo that's pretty awesome!! Neat!

    Anyway, I'm following from MBC FFF :)