Monday, February 15, 2010

Sheet Turned Parachute

I recently wrote about taking A to story time a few months ago. They often had a "parachute," which the kids and parents held onto and waved up and down. Some of the kids would crawl or run under it. It was fun whether they went in or just held on! You could easily recreate this with a lightweight sheet or another large, lightweight piece of fabric. Of course, this is an activity that's easier to do with more than one person, so it's a great way to get dad or the grandparents involved (or an older sibling). If you don't have a helper, you could always tie a corner or two to a chair or other object. Just grab at the sides or corners and wave your arms up and down (getting down to the floor adds extra excitement!).
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  1. My daughter loved the Parachute at Mommy and Me!

    I have an award at my blog for you-

  2. We do this during laundry time. Even the bigger kids still have a blast. Or we play "pocorn". Take a ball or two put them in the middle, have children hold the edges of the sheet and then everyone lifts the sheet up at different times. That one we've had to move outside when the older kids play. lol